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Preventing families from becoming homeless in the first place by addressing housing insecurities before entering emergency shelter.



Shelter Diversion supports families experiencing homelessness and seeking shelter to either restore housing, or identify a safe place to avoid entering shelter. Shelter diversion meets families facing homelessness at the front door of the shelter, working with the family to find creative solutions to keep them out of the shelter and in some other safe housing solution. It takes a dedicated staff of highly trained, caring professionals to make it work -- partnering with the family for at least a month to address their immediate needs, and then continuing to make sure their needs are being met up to one year after the time of service. We work to connect families with area resources, mediate disputes, and empower them to overcome their challenges, both now and in the future. 


At its core, the practice is trauma-informed, client-centered, and sees homelessness as a crisis that needs to be mediated.  


What services does the Diversion Program provide? 

  • Mediation services with family/friends and/or their landlord to extend permission to stay for up to 30 days;

  • Agency referrals to secure other services, including health evaluation and treatment (physical/mental), job search, housing search, etc.;

  • Advocacy with landlords to fight through barriers to housing; and

  • Temporary financial assistance to secure permanent housing when needed


We offer a variety of strategies to ensure the people we serve do not fall into the cycle of housing instability that can devastate families and alter the course of children’s lives. These include providing government funded rental assistance and landlord mediation, and community-based approaches that keep families housed.

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